What people are saying about Belly Glitz Event

Amora - Many many thanks, and WELL DONE, for another splendid and well-organised course, for which the logistics must be absolutely mind-blowing.

As far as I'm aware, the bellydance world doesn't have its own sort of Honours system, but it should, and if it did, you'd definitely have a chest-full of medals!

Thanks again, and I look forward to being blitzed again next year…..

Marianne Crisp
Wicked weekend, this is the second year that i come to this and it has always been fab. Well done and thanks a lot Amora Dance!! So many good memories! A pleasure to share the stage which such beautiful dancers and obviously the one and only Sadie Marquardt! Looking forward to more next year!xxx

Irene Tormo
Amora - great show! It was absolutely a dream come true to be able to share the stage with such diverse amazing performers and Sadie! I need to pinch myself to make sure i'm not dreaming.

Roxane Grant
I can't believe such an amazing weekend has come to an end!!! Met some amazing people and ended with a fabulous show...! Thanks Amora for organising a great weekend!

Heena Vyas
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Amora Dance for making this wonderful night with Sadie! I am a huge fan of her!!! All the performances were amazing and i truly enjoyed it so much! Each year it gets better and better, because of your hard work!

Maho Beaumont
Well done Amora, very well organised. Thank you for having me last night alongside other great artists and the beautiful Sadie. 

Tevec Ibrahim